Liver Foundation, West Bengal

aspire to take science to society

Welcome Note

Liver diseases have never received due attention among the mass in our country compared to afflictions of other organ systems of the body with its concern on health care delivery and resource utilization in public health issues. For a lay man, health problems are given the prior importance when the person is really suffering physically from the related symptoms of that disorder either visibly agonizing or has turned into a massive dysfunction.

Liver Foundation West Bengal aims at reaching the mass and increase awareness in liver health problems and associated disorders, with the purpose of reducing liver disorders in India, with proper access to medical science, focusing on liver diseases but also at a wider scale in public health. They aim to enhance the quality of life and try to reduce the burden of liver disease in India through prevention, education, advocacy, improved care and promotion of concepts in public health. We pledge to surge ahead remaining in our cultural inheritance with the philosophy of welfare, keeping in focus the priorities of our country. Liver, its diseases, care & treatment, above all liver transplantation, has always remained out of the reach of the common people.

Liver Foundation West Bengal´s primary focus is to take benefits of the advancement of medical sciences to the socio-economically backward section soft the society.

Our key goals are :

  • To spread awareness among the people at large about various aspects of liver diseases in a parlance that is easily understandable,
  • To identify the socio-cultural roots of the existing inequity within India´s healthcare system, in terms of access, organisation and functioning, and
  • To facilitate the availability of the technology-dense advanced medical care in liver diseases to people who are unable to afford it.